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United Stump Grinding, Inc. is the team to call in Odessa for all your stump grinding needs. If there is an old tree stump sitting on your lawn and interfering with what could be a better landscape, you could use our help.

We will effectively remove your tree stumps, leaving only flat, arable earth behind. Our skill in this field has been developed over many years, and our speed enables us to charge our clients more reasonable rates because we'll be in and out in no time. We understand that you are busy, so if you need a quick stump grind, get in touch with us, and we'll find the right time to come by.

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Quick Consultations on Stump Grinding Services

Whenever you want to remove a stump, it is better to do it right away than leave it standing there for years. Call us any time to book your stump grinding consultation, and we'll send one of our specialists to assess your property. Once we have thoroughly analyzed the stump situation, we will advise the plan with which to move forward.

We are committed to being helpful to you during this process in any way we can. As a company, we have been developing our skills and knowledge in stump grinding so we can serve Odessa better.

During the stump removal service, we will work hard to be in and out as soon as possible.

Our Tree Stump Grinding Process

The process is quite simple. First, we chainsaw the stump down to size, and we apply our industrial strength grinder to the stump. Slowly we will raze the stump below ground level, completely mulching the stump and roots. So, the land is ready to be sodded, turned into a garden, or whatever else you had in mind.

Our Range of Tree Stump Grinding Services

No matter what kind of stump problem you face, our range of services will ensure that stump is ground to a pulp. Our most common services include:

  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Grass patching
  • Root grinding
  • Mulching
  • And more

Each of these services can be used to your advantage. In most instances, these services are combined depending on your situation.

A Team of Qualified Stump Grinders

At United Stump Grinding, Inc., we emphasize your customer experience. Any of our professional stump grinders that come to your property will show up with a can-do attitude and the knowledge to answer any questions you may have. We will show up on time, and we'll be finished before you know it.

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Call United Stump Grinding, Inc. today and schedule your stump grinding appointment.

We'll find an ideal time to meet and based on what you tell us over the phone, we can provide you an accurate quote on the services required. We'll be happy to help you achieve the lawn you're looking for.

You can reach us any time at (727) 490-8445. We look forward to assisting you.