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Reasons Why Should You Get That Stump Removed?

Comparatively, the costs to remove stumps are significantly less expensive than addressing any of the issues described below.

There are several reasons why stumps should be removed.

  • For one, stumps before and after a tree removal can become a financial liability to homeowners, property managers and businesses. We have all seen the damage and trip hazards that stumps cause to sidewalks, driveways and roads when their roots thrust upward. Property owners should attempt to address these types of issues through stump removal or root pruning before an incident occurs.
  • Second, stumps left behind after a tree removal can cause ground settlement and/or collapse that may lead to sinkholes on a property. In some states, it is illegal to leave a stump in the ground because of this. And we all know Florida isn't immune to sink holes.
  • Further, removing a stump eliminates a feeding source for subterranean termites. The old adage concerning termite infestation in Florida is….”it is not a matter of if, but when termites find your property.” Leaving a stump on your property actually serves as an attractant for termite infestation.
  • Lastly, failure to remove old stumps and allowing them to “decompose over time” can allow for several other issues to arise. Through the stump decomposition process, additional biotic (damage caused by a living organism) pests like wood-boring insects, fungi/mushrooms and beetles are present. The presence of these pests can contaminate other horticultural species at the property including other healthy trees, plants and lawns.
  • Removing a stump through the grinding/mulching process mitigates these types of issues. The stump grinding process combines the small chips of the tree with dirt and air and allows for the mixture to decompose and settle into the area where the stump was located.

If you have a stump on your property that you think you may need removed or just have questions, please call us at (727) 490-8445.